• Health eWallet

    The Health eWallet is a solution that primarily helps

The Health eWallet is a solution that primarily helps the state’s health department in managing the patient’s health record using a centralized database and a mobile app.

The patients are identified with the unique membership no. alloted to them. This number can be used by the doctors to retrieve the health record of the patients instantly.Based on the centralized health record of every patient, the government can assess the current schemes and also roll-out better health schemes.

Using the notification feature, citizens can be made aware of the new schemes and government benefits.

Better utilization of the health scheme can be ensured as the government knows who has availed the benefit and who hasn’t.

Features of the app:

  • All the patients’ records such as reports and X-Rays etc. available in digital format.
  • Appointment to a doctor can be made through the app.
  • Specialty hospitals can be searched based on location.
  • Notifications about new government health schemes.

Health Scheme is intended to provide cashless treatment to all the citizens of a state or a country through a network of empanelled hospitals.

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