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With a rich experience in the domain of e-learning, Blue Apple Technologies has become a name to reckon with. Call us diverse or different, our services are comprised of the most innovative learning approaches and strategies. Since we came into existence, we have been helping businesses and organizations in making their team get hold of tomorrow’s skills today. We develop e-learning solutions that bring out the finest return on our clients’ investment; because we believe that development of people in an organization defines the development of the organization. Let’s get started with the amazement of the new age learning.

Micro Learning

We close the gap between skill and knowledge with an emergent learning strategy.

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Simulations & Games Based Learning

Our gamified learning programs bring the presence of interest and will to learn.

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Strategic Outsourcing

Improve quality and productivity of your business with our impeccable strategic outsourcing.

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Advisory Services

Let our industry pros show you the right path of success and responding to competition.

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Custom Content & Curriculum Design

More than slides and lectures, we make e-learning customized as per the learners capabilities.

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Learning delivery platform

We have various e-learning platforms to suit different needs of the learners.

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Our e-learning services are made up of brilliant features to drive successful learning.

Our content inevitably grabs the learner’s attention
Our programmes incorporate experimentation and learning-by-doing
Easily available whenever a learner wants to repeat the course
We target the most natural way of learning, so that it lasts longer


We have worked with some of the most renowned brands from various different industries, including

  • IT sector

    We are the technology pros, working towards improving your IT workforce.

  • Banking & Finance Institutions

    We upgrade bankers and financiers with the required knowledge and training.

  • Telecom & Mobility Sector

    Excellent learning opportunities for companies across the telecommunication industry.

  • Hospitality

    Improve your customer service and hospitality management with our e-learning solutions.

  • Education Sector

    We are bringing transformation in the education industry since our inception.

  • Business Process Management

    Hit your business big with our effective and leading-edge e-learning programs.

  • Retail Industries & Markets

    Reveal your retailing success with our e-learning intelligence and solutions.

  • Automobile industry

    Enhance the quality of designing, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of your vehicles.

Success Stories

Here is an insight on how we have helped our various clients with their individual training needs, and made their learning and training purpose successful.

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