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Creating a Platform of Choice for Higher Education

Our eLearning platform is created to make the higher education system more conducive to learning. The flexibility and autonomy of our solutions are helping colleges and universities to empower educators and improve learning for the whole world. With our wealth of intellect, we help create learning of varying sizes and varying needs. We combine state of the art technology with powerful e-learning content that turns our courses into a more interactive and impactful affair. We don’t just provide our eLearning solutions and leave it to that. We customize every program and course down to the last detail so that education institutions get what exactly they want.

Virtual Classroom

Our VCR offers a digital replica of a traditional classroom or training room where you can interact, communicate, view, and discuss presentations with different participants

  • Connect with students and teachers with no location and time limitations via video conference

  • Effective eLearning experience because of the ability to have short and interactive modules that one can repeat whenever they want

  • Facilitates immediate feedback, helping students to know how well they comprehend the information

  • Utilizing chat, rating features, and social learning ease for increased participation and better engagement

  • The expert teachers from around the world could be hired for training and learning without any need for a physical presence

  • No plugins, additional software, or browser extensions required. You can get started with the virtual classroom in simply no time

How Higher Education Centers Benefit Using Our Platform?

  • Online exams

    Our assessment tools help educators set online exams including quizzes, multiple-choice questions, true/false, etc. This encourages and increases participation to a great extent.

  • Single sign-on for various systems

    For an organized learning affair, educators, learners, and other users can join the portals with a single sign-on.

  • Dynamic learning

    Working and learning together in forums and wikis facilitate self-analysis and peer assessment. The advanced tools allow for feedback input through polls and surveys.

  • Online grading

    Get custom grading scales and rubrics to assign different markers the required tasks, manage grade moderation, and gauge improvements.

  • Online and offline learning

    With the help of our mobile app and desktop system, submit your assignments, grade them for the learners, post in forums, play SCORM packages, and much more, both online and offline.

  • Get Smarter

    Work smartly with collaborative tools and engage students along to get their feedbacks; leading to enhanced teaching skills

Advanced Learning for Higher Education

Custom learning environment

Our learning platform is created for the utmost flexibility, offering the higher-education institutions the ability and power to extend the features for a custom learning environment. This helps address the needs of every student as per their capability and learning skills.

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Advanced Learning for Higher Education

Expand your brand and simplify your student’s journey

Now engage with your learners in an outstanding way using our Android mobile app. You can use the app to enhance your branding and allow the students to easily identify their university’s app when searching for it in the app store or Google play.

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Advanced Learning for Higher Education

Easily integrate our platform with other systems

Because of easy to use and set-up, education institutions can integrate our learning platform with many existing systems. We also offer add-ons to intensify the functionality of our learning platform that one can easily install.

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Advanced Learning for Higher Education

Bring education to mobile

With smartphones getting more affordable and internet accessibility getting faster, mLearning is becoming an impeccable choice for the ‘on-the-go’ learners. We provide mobile-based learning solutions, leveraging the latest technology that includes HTML-based content, responsive content design, learning videos, mobile applications, and game-based mobile learning.

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Success Stories

Here is an insight on how we have helped our various clients with their individual training needs, and made their learning and training purpose successful.

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