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    Design minimalist e-learning module that speeds up learning and retention. We take care of both the major areas of e-learning developments; Content Development and LMS design.

Blue apple Technology has cutting-edge solutions for e-learning. One of the crown-jewels of our organization is to design minimalist e-learning module that speeds up learning and retention. We take care of both the major areas of e-learning developments; Content Development and LMS design.

We have academicians, and renowned laureates who piece together step-by-step learning modules that help educational as well as other businesses to ignite a passion for learning.

We have worked with institutions from across the globe to deliver high-value content for corporate training as well as academic learning. It is the hallmark of a world-class organization to invest in their talent and help them actualize, because it eventually translates into better productivity score.

BAT creates customized content for your organization to make learning impactful. With our wealth of intellect, we help create learning of varying sizes and varying needs. By combining state of art technology with powerful e-learning content, our courses are interactive and impactful.

By computing the budget of the assignment along with resources and objective of the study, we help frame dynamic bespoke content with unmatched flexibility and intelligent learning design.

Our responsive intelligent Mobile learning LMS will easily alternate between different portable devices such as tablet, mobile phones or desktop. Create with fluidic design, it encourages learning and interactivity. With the power of HTML5, our software retains text, shapes, figures and shades to unleash the full engagement capacities of a LMS.

Experiential learning is the fastest form of learning. It triggers productivity because of its interactive approach and strikes balance between fun and learning. We create games with defined objectives and outcomes to help connect with learner at a subconscious level.

Our team design corporate game-based learning solutions that seek to amalgamate gaming systems with user’s attention in the life-cycle of the game. What makes our services great are:

  • Character-based solution games
  • Story and Scenario-based solution game
  • Interactive Spot
  • Budget focused
  • High-quality content

Our micro-learning capabilities are recent and have been constantly fine-tuned to offer your organization a cost-effective and painless solution. It consists of taking bite-sized data, so it is easily ingested by the learner.

Being a mobile-based learning, it can be accessed from anywhere offering unparalleled flexibility. It keeps the learner engaged and invested. By providing personalized feedback at every step of the way.

BAT LMS simulation system is captures and mimics real world scenarios through technological interface. We borrow the realistic measurement and geometric capacity of the real world through CAD design. It includes nonlinear solving acoustics and mechanics that enable you to literally simulate real-world mechanic structures behavior.

Expect a 40% shorter development time of LMS modules with our Rapid Authoring tool. Automating learning and training has become the norm of every business domain such as finance, social welfare, education, or health.

Cloud-based learning tool that seamlessly integrates with pre-installed technological framework is possible through rapid authoring.

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