• Real-World technological AR / VR

    Add a film of life, color and vibrancy to your events through the combined-use of AR/VR and Holograms with our special magic touch.

Virtual Reality - Add life to your activation programs by offering an unrivaled customer engagement. Many industries such as Automobile, Consumer Electronic, Real estate has witnessed a spike in their overall revenue because of VR technology. We create an artificial computer generated world which is rich and vibrant and a spitting image of your imagination which is used to creatively promote your business or brands.

Augmented Reality - Unlike VR, AR binds real world landscape with computer generated elements to create a semi-virtual, semi-realistic realm which is rife with opportunities to offer indelible engagement anddeeply interactive experience.

Holograms - It is one of the most jaw-dropping spectacles of technology. Your users will be in awe to see a projected life-size image of your company’s CEO, or maybe a political figure or a celebrity. This invented 3d projection will be visible to naked eyes; no hassle of storing 3d glasses.

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