Top eLearning Trends Going To Blow Up In 2020

We have already entered 2020 and are going to see more revolutionary phases of eLearning. So, to help you with your training and learning needs, we have compiled a list of eLearning trends that are going to rule in the upcoming years. Here are the 5 eLearning trends that would help you improve your corporate training.

Learning Experience

Good experience always attracts more involvement of people. Having said that, one of the most significant trends you will expect in 2020 is the Learning Experience Platform. Since engagement plays the most important role in L&D, providing your employees with a better experience would remain crucial to achieve more ROI out of your program.

Big Data Analytics

Personalization is key to more engagement. This is why personalization has been used as a powerful tool to cater to learner’s needs. And, this all is possible because of big data analytics. It is extremely helpful when it comes to collecting relevant information about the learner’s experience and knowledge, and then presenting them the right course accordingly. Plus, it also helps the instructors to gauge if the expected ROI is getting delivered.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence holds the future of education. With the help of AI-assisted learning, you create a perfect amalgamation of the human touch and technology interface. This provides the learners unparalleled online training experience, allowing them to get assisted with their questions anytime and on any device. By using an excellent blend of result-driven learning strategies, technologies, and innovation, artificial intelligence will keep empowering the global learning community in 2020.

More User-generated Content

Another eLearning trend you need to watch out for is that user-generated content will be used more to create better training. However if not planned right, it could turn out to be worst as well. This is why a well-planned content curation would be needed to convey the information of your learning program properly. You can also approach a reputed eLearning company to assist you with that.

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