M-Learning: Changing Era of Education System

mLearning is a new way in the learning system that involves the usage of handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc. The mLearning system enhances the quality of distance learning education. Now, people can make full use of the m-learning platform especially those people who often stay at home. m-Learning technology is very convenient for students because it improves flexibility and learning quality.

Now, many schools and colleges have adopted mobile learning technology, educators teaching their students through portable devices to educate them from anywhere. Similarly, students can also access the devices as per their convenient. Students like mobile technology and spend a lot of time on mobile devices on a regular basis in their personal lives. It’s an easy, effective way to increase the engagement of students in mobile learning. Many educators who have used mobile learning programs and techniques, they suggested that this technology must be applied in the classrooms because it is more lightweight than book and PCs.

mLearning system

Smartphones and other wireless touchscreen devices improve the method of teaching & learning. These devices are very handy and affordable for people especially for the youngster because they are more addicted to this technology on a large scale. These factors are impacting mLearning system because students become more aware of it. It’s crucial not only for educational institutions but also for companies to work more on mobile learning system in order to make it easy & effective for handheld devices users because next generation belongs to scientists, inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. As we know the advantages of m-learning but there are many challenges also available.

Here, are the Advantages:
– A cost effective opportunities for users, the cost of smartphones is significantly less than desktop and laptops
– Audio, video digital content delivery and creation options
– Uninterrupted and situated learning support
– Training costs are less than other institutes
– Convenient learning experience for tutor and students
– Its create new opportunities for traditional educational institutions

Here, are the challenges:
– The issue of connectivity and battery life for a long time training processes
– The small resolutions of the screen
– Webinars and meetings required high bandwidth for non-buffering and fast streaming
– Plagiarism issue from authoring group
– Limited files support format on a specific device
– Plagiarism issues from the authorizing group
– Multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, iPod, Window Phone, etc
– Big task for institution and companies – Rework on existing eLearning content for mobile platforms
– Limited memory space is an another challenge
– Risk of sudden failure
– Frequently changes in technologies and device versions.