Evolving digital content technology can impact your e-learning strategy

If you wish to be on top of the present e-learning content development scenario, you must ensure that your learning and development department has a sound strategy which involves the right audiences while simultaneously customized to cater to your particular company or team learning objectives.

Bearing in mind a wide range of digital content, you have to create an effective strategy to deliver this technology to your audience in the form of learning. Animation, interactive video, simulations, video, visual or interactive storytelling, interactive scenarios, reflective questions, micro-learning, case studies, task-based assessments and learning games are a few examples of digital content. Let’s discuss how the emerging digital content technology can affect your custom e learning content development strategy and how you need to tread carefully.

Digital Content

Communication: Training and objectives if communicated through only email can get lost and are difficult to track. So, it is necessary to provide a proper filing mechanism for proper and secure communication between managers and employees.

Engagement: There is always a commitment element whenever staff are opening an LMS for the purpose of getting trained. They are willing to learn, so it is the employee’s duty to motivate them and keep a high level of engagement. You have to ensure the following:

  • Presence of an LMS with tracking of learning functionality.
  • Gentle prompts should be inbuilt in the structure of learning to ensure meeting of deadlines and achieving of outcomes.
  • Remember, different people learn at different pace. Hence do not follow the one size fits all approach while creating the right mix of learning tools. Your L&D strategy should suit all types of users and their needs.
  • Games and quizzes are another way of providing information to the employees in a fun way. Learning application can be created through different scenarios.

Regulation changes: E-learning content development has to deal with a lot of governing rules and mandatory course updates. You have to keep your course updated according to the new guidelines.

Constantly changing your company culture: It’s very important to constantly review the company’s e-learning strategy and the manner in which the training is delivered. Even the e-learning content development strategy needs to be reviewed from time to time and necessary changes made accordingly.

By keeping these important tips in mind, your custom e-learning content development strategy can be an immense success. Its’ best to be always updated and progress keeping in mind the evolving digital content technology.