RTP Solutions


RTP Solutions is a unified communications consultancy company helping its clients in the ever-evolving complexities of the communication industry. With converged systems and bespoke applications, the company is positioned as a leading solutions provider in tailored voice, data, fixed line and mobile infrastructure.

Business Situation

In many companies, telecommunications present one of the least controlled costs borne by the organization. Often the costs are fragmented by regional or departmental billing which results in a situation where many people see a fraction of the costs but no-one sees the full scale of any problem. Telecommunications bills are also often difficult to read, especially for the more complex contracts, and often lack the required level of detail - so it is hardly surprising that they don’t always receive the necessary level of analysis.

The mobile market, with its intricate array of tariffs, plans and bundles, offered by physical and virtual network operators and their resellers is perhaps the most complex sector at present.


The Telecom Expense Management system manages all data relating to VoIP, Mobile, Fixed and Internet use. As the application is a SaaS based system this provides the ability to update and maintain the application without distributing and installing any software at the client end. The system is accessed via web browser over the Internet or an intranet this gives all users the ability to login from any location with internet access. It also provides data warehousing tools to manage millions of mission critical data.

The customer places the responsibility for managing costs at the end user level, the intuitive and user-friendly UI allows the end user to view allocated telecom spend to cost centers, project codes, departments and personal versus business calls.

Key I-TEM Expense Management capabilities include:

  • Telecoms inventory validation
  • Invoice loading via electronic data transfer – part data transfer and manual posting
  • Invoice authorization payment processing incorporating flexible company hierarchy
  • Dispute management of all unrelated billed transactions not part of the telecoms inventory validation billing charges
  • Analysis of call records and call usage voice & mobile
  • Workflow management
  • Procurement process of acquiring lines, data services and mobile equipment
  • Mobile usage profile of reporting individual usage including adding personal calls to individual user account directory
  • Software integration into HR Procurement, IT Inventory & accounting systems
  • Hosted or dedicated solutions at client request
  • Global work flow management of global telecom estates

I-TEM Invoice Loading System:   Provides an automated method for accessing, acquiring and loading unlimited vendor invoices for multiple asset classes.

I-TEM Asset Database: Maintenance of all asset details, including history, location information, user information, billing history, and associated equipment.  Map all elements of an enterprise’s communications network, clearly defining and tracking the complex, hierarchical interrelationships among equipment, devices, circuits, providers, and services. 

Invoice Processing: Management of invoice processing from receipt through payment. The application provides automation, workflow, and processing tools to import bills electronically, ensure contract compliance, and integrate with existing third-party accounting systems, thereby dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing bill processing costs.

Billing Audit: Invoices audit against contracts, rate tables, tariffs and previous bills, Billing error information reporting and dispute management tools.

Cost Allocation: Expense allocation to the appropriate business units, cost centers, and employees, with optional accrual of bills not received by the cut-off dates for the accounting period.

Dispute Management: Non-compliant billing, service and asset exceptions are disputed with the associated provider and tracked through to resolution.

Contract Management: Standardized service contract repository for all communication provider agreements, enabling compliance checks of performance billing against contracted expectations and corporate policies. This also includes the optimization of contracts and plans by matching the most efficient rate and term structures to actual usage patterns and trends, creating an optimal expense environment for each customer.

Payment:  Automation of invoice approval process to ensure that appropriate corporate controls are applied. Approved invoices are submitted for automated direct payment or to the customer's accounting systems for allocation and payment.

Optimization: Optimization of contracts and carrier service plans by matching the most efficient rate and term structures to actual usage patterns and trends, creating an optimal expense environment.

Budget/Forecast:  Customizable reports that offer a comprehensive look at communications spend via monthly bill trends, bill exception, and tariff optimization. Detailed analysis of trends to determine how much is being spent by any logical grouping, including technology, vendor, region, office, and carrier. The system may also enable forecasting of future spend versus budget.

Business Intelligence:  Module offers a wide range of capabilities from high-level dashboards and reports to deep, drill-down analyses.  I-TEM will provide actionable and predictive views into an organization's business operations and communications spend, resulting in significant operational benefits and cost savings. 

Dashboards & Detailed Graphical Reports: Configurable Web screens will enable network key performance indicators to be easily tracked using pie graphs and bar charts.  Dashboards and reports include coverage of every step of the communications lifecycle. 

Analytics: Analytics include "what-if" analysis, forecasting, trending, and planning.  The extensive data available on communications assets and expenditures can be mined to create an optimal expense environment.

Integration with Communication Provider Systems: Directly interface with carrier systems to enable enterprises to quickly transfer billing and order information to and from customers’ service providers. 

Workflow Automation Engine:  A workflow engine that would allow  automation of processes that I-TEM system follows.  This would include processes such as invoice processing and order management workflows and approval hierarchies. The workflow engine will be tailored to meet customer needs.

Creating user profiles:

International features including

  • International Invoice Loading and Processing
    • Paper invoice loading
    • Electronic invoice loading
  • International Inventory Management
  • Optimization and Audit & Dispute
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Multi-lingual Application Interface

 Procurement: The software to directly interface with carrier systems to enable organizations to quickly transfer order to billing information from customers’ telecoms providers.  Authorization and automated alerts produced through the procurement process workflow.

Mobile Usage Profile:  Costs to be monitored across all levels of expenditure including airtime contracts and line rental, hand set distribution and ordering, repairs, redundant mobiles, & personal usage and tax compliance based on a country by country basis.

Circuit (CIM): Bringing all your circuit-related contracts, SLA agreements, critical dates and deliverables into one fully integrated system, grant variable permissions not just at department level, but down to the individual user. Security measures built into the workflow with automatic as well as manual entry alerts, important tasks such as movements, inventory reconciliation and invoice payments at individual, department cost code level.

Call Logging PBX: Call Logging integration enables efficient and automated cost allocation from billing CPS data directly from the PBX. Assigning call cost down to extension level.   Effectively deal with enhanced cost allocation across the estate.

Reporting: Complete web reporting software that allows report users to easily design and deploy corporate reports over any web browser. Easily have complete control over data querying, filtering, field expressions, report formatting and report behavior with this innovative web-reporting platform. Export the report to many formats, like plain text, HTML, XML and CSV.

Integration with Enterprise Systems: Integration with accounts payable, general ledger, ERP and human resources software applications.  Provides enhanced control over and visibility into the operational backbone of your mobile and network-related communications assets.The pulling and pushing of data from and to multiple operational applications and equipment. Bespoke by a client as per his need.

Auto Events: Support Auto Task scheduling for current or future calendar events. Bespoke Auto Task based on events matched against schedules such as contract dates, billing frequency order process follows ups etc.

Document Management & Scanning: Fully integrated content, document & workflow management solution. Import documents using standard Windows operations including drag-and-drop, copy-and-paste, or right-click and select. Imported documents are saved in real time with no delay and are accessible immediately. Import documents one at a time or in bulk by the thousands. Documents and folders are copied into the SQL-based repository.

Bench Marking: Insightful benchmarking can be done within the application against existing providers on call traffic as well as all line rentals.
Map Location: Web-based software interactive mapping demonstrating global office locations of the each office with information pop ups on staffing contacts in each location. The ability to zoom from a global view to street view.

Browser Compatibility: Validation of all HTML code for all main browser compatibility including:
IE Version 5 -9, Chrome, Firefox, Flock, Safari & Maxthon etc.

Multi User Changes: One of the key functions of the database is to ensure that multiple users can read and write to the database without overwriting each other's changes inadvertently. SQL Server has isolation levels to ensure the above does not occur. A simple graphic to inform users, that a record is being currently amended or changed.

Security: Adequate data-security measures which employees are given access to the application are to include:

  • Database privilege-level settings configured and assigned.
  • Employees permissions set to download and store hosted data to local storage to ensure adequate security practices are in place to safeguard locally stored data.
  • Simple and effective user access blocks including terminated employees' access privileges handled at multiple levels.
  • Fixed IP in relation to user access. Admin level to add additional IP ranges to other users and reporting to the requested hierarchy at setup.

Hierarchy: The roles / permission of a user will be dependent upon his/her hierarchical level.

Tech Stack

  • GUI: ASP.NET, Win Forms, WPF & Ajax
  • Reporting: SSRS
  • Middleware: .NET Framework (including WF & CardSpace), COM+ & Windows Services
  • Framework: Microsoft Software Factories & Application Blocks
  • Communication: Web Services, SOAP, OLAP, XML, WCF
  • Database: MS SQL Server (including Reporting, Integration & Analysis services and Service Broker)


  • Mobile Inclusive minute optimization
  • Detailed logs and reports of inbound and outbound in mobile, desk and email activity.
  • Productivity benchmarks and compares locations, departments and individual users.
  • Easy centralized communication policy implementation and enforcement.
  • Feature rich user friendly application interface.
  • Live on-line phone directory
  • The results are proven dramatic savings of total telecom related expenditures coupled with an increase in employee productivity.


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