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The client is a recognized leader in creating and delivering sophisticated custom simulations and experiential learning environments to some of the world’s largest corporations, in twenty countries, and in ten languages. They partner with their clients to make meaningful change happen in leadership and sales areas of the business. Their client list includes world leaders such as Whirlpool, Procter & Gamble, Alcan and Boeing. While they are known for their world-class simulations, they approach their partnerships with their clients to make a difference to the business, to align with their strategic direction and goals, to support and build the culture.

Business Situation

Impact is a transfer, support and follow-up process we are designing to ensure that an organization’s investment in learning and development is transferred to the workplace, put into practice, is aligned to and supports the strategy of the business, and will help to build and reinforce a culture of learning and growth. It will fit within and support their larger Real World Skills Development Series which will be launched after Impact.

Solution Provided

The Real World Skills Development Series has been designed to help strengthen the core skills of individuals and to support and enable the organization’s strategy. The series includes a list of skill development workshops, ranging from communication to presentation, from business writing to time management, from motivating others to deal with change.

There are four distinct stages to the Impact! Program: Alignment, Goal Setting, Action, and Impact!


The Impact! system begins with ensuring that the participant’s goals are aligned with the organization’s objectives. This is accomplished through pre-work that takes place on the job two weeks prior to the learning engagement. Through this pre-work, the participant will clarify their role within the organization and outline a strategy for growth within this role.
Impact programs will last between 3-12 months and participants will not be interacting with the Impact site every day, instead it is our intention that they will be required to update the Impact! system on their progress every second Friday, and can spontaneously update it at any time.

Goal Setting

While the Impact! system begins with Alignment, the heart of Impact! is found in Goal Setting. These goals can be large or small, but are intended to transfer learning to the workplace, to link learning to the strategy of the business, and to extend the benefit of the investment in development to positive actions taken back on the job. The goals are set either at the completion of one of our world- class experiential learning simulations, or in a meeting between the participant and their manager and will consist of six essential questions that will need to be answered to ensure that course outcomes are translated into specific goals in behavioral terms:

  • What did I just learn?
  • How can I apply this learning to my current and future situation? What specific goals can I own to accomplish this?
  • How can I measure success?
  • What are the benefits of successfully completing my goals:
    • To the organization
    • To my own growth as a professional
  • What are the steps to ensure success?
  • Are there potential obstacles to this success?


At this stage the participant now becomes an owner of their learning and application goals and of their future growth and success.  The owner is encouraged to connect with their manager, teammates and/or co-workers to anchor and adjust their goals. These goals are then broken down into clear Action Steps.

The owners will then log onto the Impact!  website (hosted by experience it inc.) from anywhere in the world. No special software or internal IT configuration is required. All they need is an internet connection. They enter their learning goals, actions that they intend to take, the obstacles they may run into and opportunities to make an Impact! over the next three, six, nine or twelve months. Over the course of the program this automated tool then:

  • Sends reminders to them about key lessons from their course
  • Requires them to update the Impact! system every second Friday, or spontaneously as inspiration arises, and when they have achieved a specific goal or milestone
  • Provides just-in-time support ideas to help them overcome the obstacles to practical implementation
  • Reminds them at specific reporting junctions to update their progress on their goals
  • Enables them to quickly designate a peer or other who might coach or help them in this area

The Impact! process also provides the participant’s direct manager and training staff updates on the progress to date, reminders of the participant’s goals, and just-in-time notifications and reports that make follow up automated and easy. Key stakeholders in this learning process are also sent progress reminders and reports. At any time they can log in to their dashboard and quickly see where the entire organization is through easily accessible, graphic, color-coded dashboard views. Impact! is a simple to use, cost-effective method of ensuring that your investment in people development is transferred and optimally leveraged. Impact! supports your strategy, aligns actions across a team and around the world, and it engenders a culture of learning and development throughout an organization.

Tech Stack

  • GUI: .NET C#, Win Forms, WPF & Ajax
  • Middleware: COM+ & Windows Services
  • Framework: Microsoft Software Factories & Application Blocks
  • Communication: Web Services, WCF
  • Database: MS SQL Server (including Reporting, Integration & Analysis services and Service Broker)


The web-enabled Impact! system enables the owners to measure the impact of their accomplishments, extract the learning from their experience, and publish their results and insight for the benefit of others within your organization.


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