Employee Training Doesn’t Stick? eLearning is the Way!

The need of a training program can never be overlooked in an organization, along with the fact that every employee participates in it and that the training sticks. With good learning and development skill, you put together all the aspects that make a program engaging, informational, and one that serves its purpose. You then plan the delivery of eLearning for employees, making sure everyone has participated. But, then you find out your training has failed.

This could make the L&D department of any organization shocked. People went through the training, it was complete and comprehensive, but did not stick. Sigh!

Why Employee Training Programs Don’t Stick?

Many reasons curb training from sticking. Let’s suppose, you created a well-designed training program that perfectly meets the organizational and learning goals. Now from here, when we look into the program with a 360-degree view, there are a few causes that restrict learning connectivity, such as-

  • There was no feedback loop
  • Less training reinforcement
  • Absence of a supportive culture

This is Where Microlearning Crops Up,

Microlearning can always have your back to make a training stick. It can help to reinforce and support employees throughout and after the training. Microlearning also makes a great choice for a performance support tool that lets your employees build skills and make the most of it in their organizational responsibilities.

Now, coming to how microlearning supports behaviour change. This e-learning technique helps identify how someone acts under the given circumstances and pressure. With the help of this, you can make people learn how to behave in a culturally official or sensitive manner. With impeccable communication techniques, microlearning also conveys the importance of being culturally aware.

Coming to Final Words

By leveraging microlearning to reinforce your employees, you can make your workforce more productive. When training seems relevant to the employees, it most probably sticks. So, if you are looking for the business productivity to exceed your expectations, use microlearning tools and make sure your training is supported by the organizational culture.

To enjoy the best advantages of eLearning, have your employee training program customized to your precise business needs. Want your people to succeed and your training stick? Blue Apple Technologies can help you with the right training program that incorporates the right tools of microlearning. Get in touch with us today, and explore the organizational benefits of microlearning.