Ten Must Have Android Apps for Business Professionals Always on the Go!

With everyday technological advancement in android software development, handling business work has been made easy and can be done with the help of Smartphones or tablets from anywhere. There are numerous Android Apps development companies that cater to the needs of business professionals. Android apps such as: Skype, Emails, Dropbox, MS Office, and Chrome etc. have made the professionals more dependable on their smartphones, but here we have listed down the Android Apps that are completely handy and are definitely worth a download for every business professional to get the work done more adequately, especially on the go.

Pro interpreter-translate:

Pro interpreter-translate Android AppThis Android Application is a professional Interpreter. It can be used to translate voice and text into different languages like Italian, Bulgarian Arabic, Urdu Hindi, English, German, French and all the other foreign languages. It’s a great software that supports voice input support, multi language support and also the design is quite user friendly. This application can be downloaded for free.

Graph Professional:

Graph Professional Android ApplicationIt’s a great graph drawing application with a powerful function drawer. The application can use upto 13 parameters at a time, can work on limitless amounts of equations, can calculate roots, local extrema, saddle points, and inflection points. It has many usability features which will surely enhance your business productivity. This application can be bought only for $1.99.

Google Calendar:

This official google calendar app is a lot more than just a calendar. This application has a friendly interface which helps in keeping a track of your meetings and events. You can pin down the images and voice notes related to an event which will help you remember important points of the meeting. With many more usable features added in the application it is available to download for free.

Sales Manager:

Sales Manager Android AppA very useful android application developed specifically to cater the needs of the business people. Sales manager is a cloud based system with which you can produce sales invoices on your smartphone / tablet. All you need is a good internet connection on your mobile. It can also be connected to Wi-Fi printers to print the invoice. It is a faster and more accurate way to handle your business data. This application is available to download for free but there are some in-app purchases to access some features.

Pipedrive-Sales CRM:

Pipedrive-Sales CRM Android ApplicationWith the help of this application you can access your customers’ contacts and their details. You can add tasks and add notes to the tasks. You can instantly access your to-do lists and contacts, look for the client’s details and a lot more. This application uses internet connection and is available to download for a free trial for 30 days for which you need to sign up first.

Notepad Professional:

Notepad Professional Android ApplicationNotepad is a useful mobile application developed for the need of professionals. You can create, save, add, edit, and manage different notes which are saved to your SD card. This application can be bought for $3.65.

Tripit Travel Organiser:

Tripit Travel Organiser Android ApplicationThis app helps you to assist with your business trips, making them more comfortable by getting all the handy details. It scans your email for your tickets and itineraries for the business trip. It assists you with the details of your confirmation number, departure time, hotel reservation, and all the other details that you need for your business trip. This application is available to download in both paid and unpaid versions.

Netstat professional:

Netstat professional Android ApplicationBecause you are dependable on your phone to carry out your business, this android application helps you check the security status of your mobile device’s network and protects against spyware. With features like real-time whois info, real-time IP, port and status information and much more this application is a must have and can be downloaded for free.

Team-Viewer for Remote Control:

Team-Viewer Android ApplicationThis application is developed to control your computer: it provides support to your clients, colleagues, and friends. It gives you access to your desktop with all the documents and installed applications in real time and can remotely administrate unattended computers like servers etc. This application is all what you need on the go and is available to download for free.

TapPOS Inventory Sales:

TapPOS Inventory Sales Android ApplicationThis is an application that helps you with your Inventory management, statistics, accounting, bookkeeping, sales records, expense management, and receipt printing etc. The design of the application makes it very convenient to use and helps you to manage your business effectively. This application is available to download for free.


All these android mobile applications are developed to handle your business successfully. They don’t just save your time but also give you freedom to travel stress free and concentrate on your upcoming important meetings. These applications are effortless to use and are a better way to use the smartphone technology other than just making calls.