Mobile App Development: Live Your Startup Dream

It is the era of startups. You will find new startups opening and shutting down every other day. The technological advancements in mobile app development have further fueled the growth of the startups and most of them operate using a mobile app. It is easy to reach out to a wide audience if you have a great mobile app at your disposal. Smartphones have become cheaper than ever as several new companies are manufacturing them. If you have an idea that you think can be disruptive, you must not waste your time and start to build them. There is a host of mobile app development companies that can help you live your startup dream.

We will discuss here, some of the startup ideas and how can mobile apps help you implement them.

Parking Finder App

It is quite difficult to find a traffic especially in the markets that experience a lot of rush. Also, there is no way to find whether there is parking slot available in a particular area. This app will integrate different parking locations of the city and will offer real time information about the parking slots that are available. You can decide where to shop depending on the parking available.

Events Finder App

There are numerous events that are held in the city on a particular day. How about an app that lists all those events and notifies the users about their venues and entry tickets availability and other relevant information. The revenue model can be based on ads or sponsored listings. Such apps are easy to develop as the functionalities are limited but their scope is limitless.

Cloud Based Presentation App

Presentations are a regular fare in a corporate environment. Traditional presentation apps are passe. You can build a cloud-based presentation app with different features. Such apps will just require a little marketing and will be lapped by the young executives who are always on a lookout for apps with great utility.

Share Market App

Share market is not purely about luck. If you buy shares based on logical predictions and calculations, you can end up making quick bucks. People are always looking for such apps that they can rely on when it comes to sharing market predictions. There are numerous APIs that can help you make predictions.

360 degrees Photo App

People are never fed up with clicking photos. You can build an app that lets them click 360 degrees pictures. Imaging techniques can help merge different pictures efficiently to create a picture that covers 360 degrees. There are a few apps already in the app stores but improvements are always welcome.

Final Thoughts

There are some of the fresh ideas that you can base your mobile app startup on. Obviously, you can have your own idea but you must have learnt a few tips to take the initiative. Remember, it is the only the first step that is hardest to contemplate. Once you have started, there are several mobile app development companies that can make things easy and smooth for you.