How Microlearning App Can Help Reform your Work Culture?

Workplace safety should be a great concern for every organization. The development of the employees ensures the development of the organization itself, and hence making employees aware about safety procedures make for a crucial aspect to look after. This helps ensure that the team is able to handle crisis effectively when needed. It might interest you to know that a lot of this success depends on how an organization is getting its employees ready with the right behaviour and attitude towards maintaining workplace safety.

Unfortunately, rushing through safety training and doing it just for the sake of it fail to give the significant output. Here, Microlearning apps come as a rescue to ensure that employees are well-trained about the workplace culture and that they are ready to deal with the convoluted or sometimes non-estimated situations in the office. How? Read on to know-

Engaging– What brings engagement, brings results. The precise approach of Microlearning is carefully crafted to meet the needs of today’s people and their learning ability. Unlike traditional safety training programs, Microlearning apps do not make employees deal with heavy manuals and go through it in detail. The app provides the same information in far more digestible chunks.

Personalized– People love personalized approach, and for a training that focuses on behaviour and attitude change, personalization can be an advantageous prerequisite. This learning app focuses on “flow” rather than “instruction”, which in turn attracts the learners’ attention. It lets the learners learn in their personal style, so that the organization gets the output it desires from them.

Motivating– A successful training session is one that keeps the learners motivated throughout and after the training. Microlearning apps include the elements that make learners more curious to complete the training and come up with the effective knowledge on the particular subject.

Risk-free training environment– When people are getting trained together about the culture, there might be some elements of fear and anxiety associated. Employees might see it as a compulsory thing that they are forced to participate in. Here, Microlearning apps fit in perfectly, which makes the environment more relaxed. With apps, the “have to” aspect changes to “want to”, enabling employees to enrol in the training whenever they want.

There are many ways microlearning can help reform work culture at your office. To know more about it, or to have a training app designed for your organization, get in touch with experts at Blue Apple Technologies.