Learning Management System And Supporting Tools

Learning Management System (LMS) is a course elearning software, which is based on server that interfaces with a database containing data about users, courses and content. In that sense, it looks like different frameworks intended for e-trade, Human resources, payroll and institutions. Educational nature is a unique point of LMS, it’s a most useful system for elearning and coaching activities. In this system have no boundation for time and space and it’s helps institutions to manage online courses on large scale by using a common interface and set of resources.

LMS Supporting Tools

The most widely recognized features of LMS by sorting them as pedagogical tools for:

elearning tools

Content DevelopmentElearning content development tool is a backbone of LMS, which allow teachers/instructors to generate and display course content encoded by HTML or Text editor and its also allow to upload presentations, images, animations, audio or video and other documents. In this tool students can submit their assignments and instructor can give their feedback and grade.

Communication – Communication tool in LMS is play an important role to interaction between instructor to student and student to student into the course. This tool provides non-real-time facility to create course related groups, forums for discussions, blogs and also provide e-mailing and file sharing system. In the real-time student and instructor groups can do text chat, threaded discussion and they can share their screens.

Assessment or Test – This tool helps training instructors to make assessments for learner and help to track their achievements and results. Assessment/test tool includes test manager to create various type of questions such as objective, true/false and matching, etc. It’s help to create questions bank to store questions for further exams. Instructors can set the time limits for exams and can give right or wrong feedback on answers. This tool provide facility to track students activities including logins, time spent and specific areas visited.

Admin Control – By using administration tool which also called control panel, instructors can manage setting for all above mentioned tools. Design layout of the course can be customize with this tools. In learning management system administrative tools helps to manage or create user accounts and courses. Administrative have all rights to enabling and disabling of accounts and courses, and tracking activity in the system.