Is eLearning The Future of Education During COVID -19 Pandemic And Beyond?

With no end to COVID-19 lockdown in sight, education is now becoming more tech-friendly for the technology-loving people. 

And, that’s great news for the future of our country. 

However, India is not new to online learning. Many private and government schools had been leveraging the unmatched interactivity and effectiveness of eLearning solutions for a quite long time. In fact, students have been found more prone to shifting to online classes these days. 

Why? Why not?

After all, the new generation is born in the era with technology ruling all over. And let’s accept it that tech-friendly approaches influence them like nothing else. Gone are the days when being physically present in the classroom was the only learning option. Not now, at least with the rise of new technologies and internet; and now with COVID-19 lockdown being added too!

Lockdown situation gearing up things a little more!

Education centres enrolling with eLearning for schools and coaching was once a way to offer more quality education. With lockdown all over the country, the intention is no more the same. 

It is now the need of the hour!

Not just during the pandemic, but beyond! While we don’t see fading away as an option for education institutes and businesses, embracing a new approach would be the right pick to keep the learning going.

Notion of leaving behind the conventional way of teaching… Hesitation is welcome! 

Coaching centres and tutors who dealt with classroom teaching completely, are likely to face struggle to shift online because of the vast world called the internet. 


But, look at the advantages! It is time not to shy away and adapt with the change. 

With more coaching institutes, schools, and independent tutors making their services available online, you need to step ahead and fit in the market before it is too late. Take the right approach, learn about the advantages of LMS for your business, and prepare for a brighter future. The evolution of education is in making, be a part of it today. 

How eLearning engage students?

Students are expected to be bored with the conventional routine of teachings. With eLearning knowledge sharing and receiving is not at all a monotonous affair. eLearning comes with interactive features like gamification, virtual classrooms, live lectures, and much more to offer students a new age learning experience which is convenient and interactive.  According to the most recent survey, more than 40% of students are taking at least one distant course online. eLearning has become a sensible choice whether it is for teenagers or adults. 

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