iOS and Android Mobile Apps Marketing Strategy

It’s always tough task for marketers to promote their business apps worldwide. In order to increase user rates and maximize their engagement on apps, It’s crucial for advertisers to understand the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO). For marketing purpose app marketers need to create an ingenious mobile apps marketing strategy. These kind of strategies improves searching result at app store and gives appropriate result. The marketing strategies are mentioned below:

– Keyword usage in the title of the app.
– App content description should be effective.
– Most relevant & attractive screenshots and icons of apps should be added to induce the user to download.

Google AdWords

Recently, Google introduces a completely new marketing feature called IDFA/advertising IDs upload capabilities in AdWords. Marketing strategist or developers make full use of it and they can easily upload their personal list of advertising IDs for any previous app downloads with the latest innovation “Bulk IDFA/Advertising IDs Upload”. App customer IDs in AdWords look a like Customer Match, which was introduced in the last year(2015).

google analytics

Apple’s IDFA (Identifier For Advertising) and Google’s advertising ID give an opportunity to marketer to track and target ads and no need to depends on an identifier uniquely tied to a specific device. It helps advertisers and improve following things:

– Improve Retention
– Increase Engagement Rates

After the upload functionality included in Adwords, app marketing strategist now able to export segments of app user IDs from analytic tools and then upload them to AdWords. Advertiser target all campaigns on apps across the Google Display Network.