Google Presents Hands Free Payment App For iOS And Android

Finally, Google is ready to provide a new feature to iOS and Android apps i.e payment gateway app called Hands Free Payment App. This app allows you to pay your money without touching your Smartphones or no need to take out your wallet, it’s working on voice command of the user. If your smartphones don’t support NFC (Near Field Communication), no need worry users can use Hands Free. But right now, Hands Free service is only active in the southern end of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Google is running Hands Free App in McDonald’s, Papa John’s and also covering local businesses, currently working in selected stores in the area of South Bay. For those user who use android smartphones, they can easily download this app from Google Play and iOS user from App Store and check the in-app store directory for merchant locations.

Hands Free App Relies On…
– Supports Wi-Fi Services
– It uses Bluetooth Services
– Location Services
– Other Sensors

Features Of Hands Free App
The sensors or location services (GPS) of the smartphone will detect the location of participating stores. When you all set to pay your amount at the payment counter, you need to tell him, “”I’ll pay with Google,” at the cash counter you need get confirmed your identity first and the cashier will check your entries and profile photo of yours on Hands Free App account.

This video taken from Hands Free YouTube channel

Apart from the security concern, the photos will be taken by in-store camera and after checkout users profile photos, it will be deleted immediately. The complete data of card won’t be imparted to stores and after purchase user will get a notification from Google on their smartphone. For any unusual transactions or activities, you will get an alert from google.

$5 offers For First Time
Those people who are going to use Hands Free App during their purchase for the first time. They will be discounted by Google up to $5 off and it’s restricted only in Hands Free location i.e South Bay.  The concept of face recognition is not new technology in the mobile payment market. Before Google, this concept was used by PayPal and Square but unfortunately, they didn’t succeed. The concept of the Hands Free App is completely different from android pay.