COVID-19- Keeping education going during lockdown!

Nobody ever thought the whole world would go through something like this. Optimistically, at BlueApple, we believe it would never close the education down. During the lockdown, we went for increased operations and focus on creating an online learning curriculum in accord with the rearranged academic calendar.

Because education and learning should never be restricted, BlueApple Technologies has brought the right way to leverage the online world and make the most out of lockdown. Here are the services our team has crafted especially for the schools and corporate offices so that everything goes smoothly, without any hassle.

K-12 Learning

To fit the students’ needs during the pandemic, BlueApple Technologies has brought its new-age learning approach from Kindergarten to 12th grade. From VR and AR to mobile and gamified learning, our K-12 courses are a new kind of school education with career-focused pathways.

Higher education

eLearning undoubtedly has had a transformational effect on education at all levels. Our cloud-based higher education software and solutions have made learning more accessible, brought better student engagement, and allowed colleges and universities to offer a more student-centered classroom model.  Keeping in mind the effect this Pandemic has brought for the students while they were on a scratch to build their career, we have designed our courses that would make them ready to hit the ground running when they come out of this phase.

Independent teachers and coaching centers

Our online L&D courses can use a variety of techniques to cater to the different needs of independent teachers and coaching centers, such as audio and video recordings, quizzes, presentations, games, surveys, and much more. This new-age learning technology makes sense when it comes to convenient and affordable training, and that is where our eLearning courses come into the picture.

Corporate Learning

Most offices have gone digital these days. And, to make their workforce ready to give their best while working from home, BlueApple Technologies has brought its highly interactive and new-age training solutions. Our simple yet interactive Learning Management System (LMS) is the right way to quench the quest of inquisitive learners who are looking to avail of information on their specific subjects and areas. It can be a great tool for businesses, both big and small, across all the sectors to deliver training to their employees in an effective way.

All of this to make sure when you come out of this lockdown, you be equipped with the knowledge required to stay ahead in the tough competition. Get in touch today, and have a perfectly developed eLearning solution, for now, & way ahead!