Best Gamification Techniques in Business to Enhance Productivity

Over the past years, practicing gamification techniques in business has emerged as an ever-increasing need within organizations. Companies are now using this advancement in the field of learning to engage, teach, reward, and retain their employees. Gamification in layman’s term entails focusing on the key elements that engage people in games such as design, visual achievements, activity structures, and competitive scenarios. All these elements are combined together and applied to non-gaming contexts.

But, how game based learning helps businesses with their productivity?

Through the unmatched engagement brought by gamification, employees feel motivated throughout the training session. You can give great boost to your business productivity by using right and effective gamification techniques, such as –


It is exciting at times when we come to know about unearth information that depicts ourselves, determine what personality we possess, and what we value the most. Quizzes are exactly what cater to this need and are effective enough to reel in your audience. The best part is, people like to refer interesting quizzes to their co-workers, which in turn brings more engagement.


Who does not want to get rewarded for their good work? With the help of badges, it becomes easy for businesses to encourage their employees to perform better in their forte, and ultimately get your business more productivity and work excellence.

If you want your employees to put some extra effort on a specific task, reward them with badges. It makes them stand out from other employees and keeps them motivated to do great work.


This is one of the most accepted and popular gamification techniques in business. It is however, similar to badges where people desire to achieve a certain status for a certain leveling. But, it uses digital icons as rewards, rather than the badges.

You can fix different levels in your company that employees seek to achieve. Depending on the performance and work expertise, you can reward your employees with a certain level.


We all love challenges, don’t we?

Testing ourselves encourages us to grow further and become a better version of ourselves. You could make a training program consisting of various challenges that your employees have to go through to attain a certification.

You can also create a scenario and analyse your team to see how they would deal with a particular situation to come up with better results.

There are many ways, gamification can help improve your training. All you need to do is get in touch with an old-pro of gamified learning solutions and have a well-designed training program designed for your business needs.