5 Reasons Why E-commerce Businesses Need A Mobile App

Let’s start with the stats! According to com-score, 80% of the internet users now own a smartphone and on an average 70% of the time spent by a user on mobile device is devoted to the apps. This is just the tip of the iceberg and deeper insights reveal how mobile apps are ruling the roost when it comes to digital media.

e-commerce mobile app

As most users prefer searching for services and products on their smartphones, it is quite natural for the e-commerce business to have a strong presence on different mobile platforms. More than one-third of total e-commerce customers are mobile users. Having a mobile-friendly website for your e-commerce business cannot cater the customers as they are accustomed to a better experience on mobile apps. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why a mobile app is indispensable for e-commerce companies in this day and age.

Mobile Apps Offer Better UX

It is all about the user experiences nowadays. Any user who does not have a smooth experience on a mobile site will not only discard it but also go straight to the competitor who might be having a mobile app. Smartphones are equipped features such as GPS, camera, and sensors that enhance the user experience of an app.

Users Prefer Apps Over Website

There are apps for everything you wish to do on the web. Therefore, the users prefer apps over the mobile site when they look for buying any service or product. Also, the apps are easy to access and offer a smoother experience as compared to mobile websites.

Easier Payment, Checkout Etc.

Payment gateways can be integrated into the shopping apps which makes the shopping process quite easy. As the entire checkout system of the e-commerce app is coded in sync with the app, it is smooth in terms of navigation. The users are able to complete the purchase quicker as compared to the mobile site.

Apps Encourage Social Sharing

When you are offering a service through an e-commerce app, you need to ensure you enjoy maximum visibility and word to mouth marketing is a great way to achieve it. Social sharing option in the app lets the users share the apps on social sites.

Push Notifications

This is one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps. Android, as well as iOS phones, have notification features that the apps can use for their benefit. This feature can be used to push new offers and other updates like order status, refund status, delivery status and others.

Easy To Gather User Information

In order to provide personalized service to the users, you need to understand the purchasing pattern of their users, their likes & dislikes and target them accordingly. Apps help the e-commerce businesses record such info and analyze them to deduce the pattern. These patterns help the business target the users based on their preferences.

Last Thoughts:

These 6 benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous other advantages that your e-commerce business can derive out of mobile apps. Offline access, GPS integration, local caching are some of the features that only mobile apps can provide. All these factors contribute to creating a remarkable user experience.